Sitting Bunny Sculpture


Sitting Bunny Sculpture in Milk Chocolate.

Made using traditional hollow figurine methods

Packaged in a cellophane gift bag

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Available on March 28, 2023
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Sitting bunny sculpture

Sitting Bunny Sculpture

This Milk Chocolate Bunny is a hollow figurine. They are each handcrafted by our talented chocolatiers using traditional hollow chocolate figurine methods.

Packaged in a cellophane gift bag and secured with decorative colored fluff.

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Check Out the History of Milk Chocolate Here:

We Use:

High Sierra White (28%) in all of our White Chocolate creations.

Prestige Dark (57%), Ramona Dark (45%), and Oban Liquor (100%) in all of our Dark Chocolate Creations.

Belmont Milk (35%) and Brussels Milk (33%) in all of our Milk Chocolate Creations.


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