Milk Chocolate Ocean Breakaway Bar

Ocean Chocolate Breakaway Bar made of solid milk chocolate.

Packaged in a clear gift box and secured with a bow.


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milk chocolate seashell breakaway bar in gold gift box

Milk Chocolate

Seashell Chocolate Breakaway Bar

These nautical milk chocolate breakaway bars are made of solid chocolate, and scored into 16 small squares to break and share. Each little square is filled with a delightful nautical chocolate shape.

Packaged in a clear-top gift box and secured with a bow.

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The premium chocolate we use:
High Sierra White (28%) in all of our White Chocolate creations.
Prestige Dark (57%), Ramona Dark (45%), and Oban Liquor (100%) in all of our Dark Chocolate Creations.
Belmont Milk (35%) and Brussels Milk (33%) in all of our Milk Chocolate Creations.

All of our items are shipped with care. We line our boxes with premium red and gold tissue paper, decorative “fluff” fill, and wrapped with a ribbon and gold foil sticker with your gift message printed on a gift card in an envelope. Please be sure to include your gift message with your order; if you do not include a gift message, our standard is “A Gift From Jennie Smith (your name)” on the enclosed card to ensure the recipient knows who the present is from.

We ship our packages with complimentary ice packs, which add to the weight of our shipments, but are necessary to keep chocolate cool enough to ship during this time of year. No additional charges are included for the ice pack or the added weight of the shipping box. Any additional items added to your order are part of the flat shipping fee.


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