Easter Breakaway Bar -Milk

Easter Breakaway Bar made of solid milk chocolate.

Packaged in a clear gift box and secured with a bow.


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Easter Milk Chocolate Breakaway Bar
These milk breakaway chocolate bars are made of solid chocolate, and scored into 16 small squares to break and share. Each little square is hand painted in colored white chocolate with a decorative Easter-themed chocolate bunny, egg, basket, or duck.

Packaged in a clear-top gift box and secured with a bow.

*Color Combinations May Vary

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Check out the history of chocolate here https://www.history.com/topics/ancient-americas/history-of-chocolate
We Use:
High Sierra White (28%) in all of our White Chocolate creations.

Belmont Milk (35%) and Brussels Milk (33%) in all of our Milk Chocolate Creations.


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