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Handmade with care
in our coastal candy kitchen.

Treat Yourself to Mendocino Chocolate

Incredible Flavor

Each bite of our chocolates are bursting with rich chocolate flavor that lingers for a luxurious experience.


Made locally by artisan chocolatiers and candymakers who take pride in creating each and every piece by hand, using the highest quality ingredients.


Absolutely unique chocolates that are unlike anything else on the market, thanks to our secret recipes.
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Discover Favorites

Each bite of our specialty chocolates is bursting with rich flavor. Journey through our chocolate experience and find your favorite flavor combinations.


Behind Kitchen Doors

Peek at the behind-the-scenes action going on here in our coastal candy kitchen. How do we do what we do? Well . . . we aren't going to give EVERY secret away, but some of the magic is just too good not to share.


Exclusive Sales

You'll be the first to know about discounts, sales and limited-time offers. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you won't miss out.

New Creations

Research & Development

Our coastal candy kitchen is always experimenting--trying new methods and flavor combinations and testing recipes that delight the senses. You'll be the first to know when a new creation drops.

Just pop right in . . .
Our historic building on Main Street

Fort Bragg Candy Shop

fort bragg mendocino chocolate company storefront

"Welcome! We're so glad you came to visit. "

Our Fort Bragg chocolate shop is open to you seven days a week.

410 North Main Street
Fort Bragg, California
Meet your chocolatier & baker
Hi! I'm Jennie...
I know that behind every email address is a wonderful human being. I wanted you to know that I’m a real person, too! So let me thank you for your interest in the Mendocino Chocolate Company and take a moment to quickly introduce myself: I'm Jennie, your chocolatier and baker. I'm truly grateful and happy that you decided to visit us. I am committed to providing exceptional confections, chocolates and baked goods for you and your loved ones
Mendocino Chocolate Company is a small family-owned business that started right here on the coast in 1985. This is also my hometown, and I'm grateful to be able to live and do business here in our special community.
Again, thank you for visiting us,


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