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Isolated Inputs Process Template (Vanilla Fudge)

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What is it: An isolated Input Process is a set of tasks that can run for months, even years because they pull on external information; task that can always be updated.

For example, you may have an Isolated Input Process that showsa team member how to upload content to social media. Inside that process you have a link to a library folder of content outside that your team can use.

This allows you to always run this process but change what gets uploaded by cahnging what is stored inside the library folder; therefore, you can isolate the inputs to this task, change the inputs, and get an entirely different result while doing the exact same steps without rebuilding the entire process from the ground up.

Another example: vanilla fudge recipe base; the process is the same, but different recipes are the output depending on which flavors/colors/inclusions/decorating techniques are used. Vanilla chocolate chip versus raspberry lemonade, etc.

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